Looking forward

Halloween is going to rock this year.  UPS delivered my costume last night.  It only took a few days to get here from Shanghai, China, which isn’t bad at all.  That extra money I paid for shipping was worth it.  The boots came from a more local place.  Anywho, I won’t wear the cloak at work, and the belt is kinda crappy, but the rest ain’t bad.  I’m on the fence about wearing these pants or some khakis, but I’ll decide that as the date gets closer and I see the weather forecast.

The outer tunic, tabards (long strips over the shoulders) and obi (long strip around waist) are all 100% linen and really nice.  The inner tunic is shirt weight cotton, good for not over heating.  The cloak and pants are polyester.  All told, not bad for $90. (Amazon)



Sorry for the bathroom pics, I needed a full length mirror.  😉

The saber is from UltraSabers and the fact that it makes the belt sag that much speaks to the quality (and heaviness) of the saber, and the crappy quality of the belt.  I’ll order a new belt after Halloween.  Meanwhile, I’ll probably just pick up a brown leather belt at work that will work for the day.  I can use it afterward to keep may pants up.  😉

3 responses to “Looking forward

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, I’m thinking I need to start hitting the convention scene. I just definitely need to so something about that belt. I’m going to add some Velcro strips and Velcro the crap out of it for Halloween, but it’s going bye-bye after Halloween. There’s a great one on Amazon that comes with authentic looking pouches and ration capsules. 🙂

      Edit: actually, I just broke the belt that came with the costume, so I had to order the other one on Amazon. I hope to get it before Halloween. If not, I’ll get a brown belt to wear.

  1. I just know that I wish I had something like this to wear for Halloween!

    Hey, if I have to work during Halloween, and if costumes are allowed, why not? Sucks that means that I’m going to miss giving out candy, and snacking on sweets this year. And with my luck, it will be the same thing next year too!

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