Seven Years Later

Well, apparently, I started this blog seven years ago, according to WordPress. I know It’s been a bit lean of late, and I apologize for that. Work has kept me busy, but I’ve been feeling the modeling bug biting me again recently. Plus, I may have something non 3D to show in the next couple days, possibly tomorrow if the FedEx driver delivers it. 😀


2 thoughts on “Seven Years Later

    • My package is sitting at a FedEx facility a few miles from where I live waiting until tomorrow. It’s been there since last night, plenty of time to get it onto a truck for delivery today. Try as I might, I will never understand delivery companies. Though, as long as I have it by May 4, I’ll be happy. (non too subtle hint there)

      And, yes, things are going well with me. I guess since I’m apparently not getting my long awaited package, I may as well fire up Blender and do some modeling. (OK, not really long awaited, but I did pay for 2 day shipping…)

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