Unused Rubbish

Since the project is officially dead, I see no point in not posting this now.  (a few people are trying to save it, but with no money)  Anyway, this is a series of effects shots I did for the Star Trek Equinox teaser, before they hired Gabe Koerner to do them.  Though, in order to save time, Gabe used my breakup of the Klingon ship in his version, so I technically still helped with the final effects shots (besides building the ships.)  Anyway, these were my versions.  There are four sequences, as called for in the script:

Equinox Effects Comp 01 from evil_genius_180 on Vimeo.

Anyway, this is all stuff I taught myself to do specifically for that project.


8 thoughts on “Unused Rubbish

    • A lot of bickering and bullshit and even some sabotage behind the scenes. Plus, there were a lot of people involved who were more worried about getting paid (from a project with no money) than making a Star Trek fan film. So, basically, a lack of money.

      I swear I’m never doing another one of those unless I can get on one where people actually volunteer to work on it. Those are the best kind, because you get people who may not be industry professionals, but they care about what matters: making quality Star Trek.

      • I stopped doing ANY fanfilms as as the time stretched on people lost focus and it would slowly die on most projects. Finally thought “why bother” and stick to doing things myself.

  1. Hello again.

    On reflection, my earlier suggestion was not well pitched. Because I’d enjoy the chance to write some trek stuff, I’m going to try again, but with the assurance that this the last message I will send.

    First, I am a 36 year old UK resident who, after ten years of trying, has only just scored his first paid writing gig this year (to be published in about 6 months). Thus, I’m not suggesting I should get paid for anything. This is for the fun of it.

    Second, I have websites. I work irregularly as a freelance editor and my shop front is http://www.proofreadingandcopyeditingservices.co.uk You’ll agree it’s a catchy title! And the website is basically ancient, but as Worf would say, it serves me.

    The other was an early experiment at running an author-style website: http://www.michaelranson.com It’s now defunct, having never been brilliantly successful, and I’ve recently been using it to experiment on, which explains the colour scheme and certain font choices! But the content should be reasonably indicative of intent.

    Third, I am happy to send a writing sample. It would be a section of third person narrative with dialogue and action.

    Fourth, I envy you that steady job! I haven’t been properly employed in over 8 years, now. Lost two jobs in rapid succession when the recession hit and don’t ever expect to get another permanent contract, which is why the new writing gig is quite encouraging.

    But I’d enjoy doing something in Trek after a lifetime as a fan, which is the only reason I’m contacting you – that and because you seem like a decent bloke, which always helps.

    If you are in any way interested, mikeranson@gmail.com

    If I hear nothing, that’s a good enough answer. I am, after all, a complete stranger on the internet!


    • There’s not really much writing involved in what I have planned. It’s just a series of effects sequences, pretty straightforward. Though, to be honest, I don’t even know if it will happen this year. It depends on how much time I have to devote to it and how much desire I have to work on it. I’ve been picking at building a ship for it, but it’s not going very fast at all.

  2. Hi Evil, long time Star Trek fan but only just stumbled across this blog when I googled “Constellation Class Desktop backgrounds” as I wanted to set a background that would inspire me to start writing again! So hope you don’t mind if I’ve set one of your older images of the USS Perseus as my background.

    About 14 years ago I was very much into Star Trek SIM-RPG’ing, basically where you create a character join a ship and write stories alongside others. As a life long fiction writer, but who struggles to remain motivated to fruition I found writing alongside others was a real motivator.

    Anyway, life kinda got in the way and I’ve been out of the game ever since. But with the 50th Anniversary of Trek this year, and my New Year’s resolution being to actually finishing writing something I wanted to wet my whistle with some RPGs again just to brush the dust off so to speak.

    I searched the internet for an established RPG to join but found none really to my fancy so have set about trying to sort my own out, a Lost Era setting (2316) aboard a Constellation Class vessel out on it’s own 5 year mission.

    I was just wondering if you would perhaps entertain making some images for the RPG? I was hoping to at least one title image to adorn each “episode”, just to inspire everyone to write. I always enjoy looking at every iatrical detail of a book’s cover art so was thinking similar.

    I’d be more than happy to contribute a fee. My budget is modest but I’m really passionate about getting something going.

    I couldn’t see a direct email link to yourself so I’m hoping you notice this. Not sure if you get to see my email address but if you’re game respond to this post (I’ll check back daily) and we’ll find a way to exchange details I’m sure.


  3. Nice work, as a fellow victim of fan-film false starts or no starts after a lot of build up work in cgi etc.. sorry to your work shared the same fate.

    Nice work as usual

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