TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 06

Well, I haven’t worked on this for a few days because I’ve been busy playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, which got a massive update on Steam, including the ability to play on Linux. So, I’ve been happy. Even though I own the old CD version for Windows, I could never get that working in WINE. If I remember correctly, I could never get past “insert disc 2.” It wouldn’t register the disc and let me continue installation. But, that’s all moot now, because all I had to do was buy it on Steam and download it. 😀

Anyway, back to the ship. I forced myself to add the remainder of the windows. It’s tedious, but I got them all on there. Note: there are less “rows” of Windows than on the Enterprise because mine actually line up with a deck plan, they’re not just put on there wherever I felt like. I couldn’t really find a lot of good places to put many windows on the bottom, so I just did one row.





6 responses to “TOS Miranda Class, Pt. 06

    • That probably won’t be possible. I’ll have to check my other computer, but I’m 99% sure I lost this file in an accidental hard drive wipe some months back. I never bothered trying to restore my files from that, so if it’s gone, it’s gone.

      • What about the Trafalgar model? We like the design of that ship even though it’s not as close tot he model we are currently trying to replace.

        At this point I’m not certain I need to replace the model. I thought the owner of the one we were using was going to leave the project but now he may not. We were looking for something already built so we could continue with work and yours have great textures and detail.

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