Blendering, Pt. 04

Well, the nacelle is mostly done. I’m still fiddling with the bussard collectors. For one thing, I need to redo the light bulbs. Plus, I’m still hunting for the correct combination of shaders to get the dome to light how I want it to with transparency/translucency and all.

Also, I have some kind of odd “bright” pixels happening in the second and fourth images. I’ll have to look into Cycles settings and figure out what’s going on there.





Also, I have a question for Blender users. When you take several objects and make them one (like the various parts of the nacelle) how do you connect them? Do you Join them? I’ve seen “joined” meshes when I import my Lightwave meshes and they don’t handle multiple UV maps very well, so I’d think joining them would mess up the UV mapping. Or, do you Group them? Or is there a third option I don’t know about? Truespace had a cool glue tool, but not many other packages seem to have that. In Lightwave, I just collapsed everything down to one layer, but that’s not how Blender works.