Blendering, Pt. 03



It’s obvious what this is. I just have to do the grills, the bussard collectors and that little light on top and it will be done. I put a little shiny material on it to make sure there weren’t any hidden errors.

I’m really liking Blender. The work flow is so smooth and effortless. Plus, I can build most of this stuff very similarly to how I did it in Lightwave. Sure, some things are better in LW, but some are actually better in Blender. My favorite thing right now: edge loop select. Freaking genius! Select a couple points in a line, hit that and it selects the rest. I had to go around and lasso select them all in Lightwave. Unless the space was too tight for the lasso select to work, then I had to do it manually. Ugh.


8 thoughts on “Blendering, Pt. 03

    • I recommend Blender Guru. They’ve got some cool stuff like how to make space ships and corridors and whatnot. They’re better than some tutorials. (wine glass, dog house, etc.)

      CG Cookie used to have some pretty cool tutorials, but they’ve apparently gone to all subscription based paid services now. Bummer. Still, you can find a lot of their old Blender video tutorials on YouTube if you search for “Blender Cookie.”

      And, there are some of the “basics” on the Blender website itself, just go under “Support.”

  1. M’eh…. It’s the level of quality I expect from you now πŸ™‚


    Seriously, I have some major Blender envy going on right now. That looks tight. I saw the SciFi-meshes thread last night and could not wrap my head around all that stuff youz guys were talking about. Really wish I could invest in figuring it out.


    • Thanks bro. By the way, don’t feel alone. I usually don’t know what I’m talking about either. πŸ˜€

      Seriously, though. and Blender Guru. If you’ve got a long weekend, you can pretty much figure out the basics of this software. Most people are just put off by the UI but, once you get past that, it’s not hard at all.

  2. Lightwave does actually have an edge loop select. I think its hidden by default, so you have to add it from the Edit Menu Layout dialog. Still, I’ve not find it as useful as Blender’s equivalent. Depending on how the geometry was built it may not work. I believe it has to be a ring of quads and it can’t be at the end of a polygon (no ngons).

    Lightwave is a part of my workflow, but it is very much a product of its time. There is a lot that, both fortunately and unfortunately, hasn’t changed much over the years. Its still a very well rounded package, but Modeler could use an overhaul to bring it into the 00s.

    Its definitely a program that benefits from being used alongside other programs that complement its weaknesses. I actually find Blender great for that because of its excellent sculpt tool. Its no ZBrush, but it beats Chronosculpt and its more than adequate for most of what I do.

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