Vulcan Shuttle Orbit

Here’s a little shuttle porn for the Trekkies in the audience.  Unfortunately, I found that the shuttle has its good and bad angles.  More bad than good, at least as far as doing dynamic angles with planets and whatnot.  And, alas, I still suck at making planets in 3D.  After working an hour or so on a planet in Lightwave, I finally threw my hands up in disgust and just used one of my GIMP planets.  I altered the color and a few other things to try and make it look like Vulcan.  (Vulcan has an inconsistent look between the series, which helps)  I probably overdid the city lights, since I don’t think Vulcan is that densely populated, but oh well.  😉


For the second one, I put the shuttle in against a NASA photo of Earth. I figure ships like this would ferry Vulcans to and from the planet. Really, with the size of the shuttle (35 meters) and assuming the ring is a warp nacelle, this type of shuttle may even make routine trips between Earth and Vulcan.



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