Vulcan Shuttle Pt. 01

This is a favor for a friend. A few days ago, Tobias Richter posted a thread on Scifi-Meshes asking if anybody had done this shuttle from Enterprise:


I didn’t know of a mesh of that particular shuttle, but I was looking at the 5 view orthos and thinking it wouldn’t be hard to build one, so I volunteered. Tobias would do it himself, but he has a lot on his plate right now.

So, I started on this on Sunday and I’ve been picking at it. Terrific references for this shuttle, thanks to Doug Drexler posting the 5 view orthos and perspective shot on his blog, and thanks to Bernd Schneider for re-posting Doug’s stuff on his site, since Doug’s blog no longer exists. (yes, I know it’s in a web archive, but EAS is in my bookmarks) This is very helpful, because this shuttle has about 4 seconds total screen time in 4 seasons. It appears very briefly in two episodes.

Tobias said for his purpose that it didn’t have to be this exact shuttle, but I want to keep it as close to the original as possible. I really love John Eaves’ design work, and this is one of the many awesome designs that he did for Enterprise. Besides, it’s hard to say how quickly Vulcan designs would have evolved after the dissolution of the Vulcan High Command in 2154 and Vulcans (presumably) putting the bulk of their creative efforts into stuff that benefits the Federation, which apparently uses ships for 100+ years anyway. 😉

Even with a 5 view and perspective, there is still some guesswork in some areas, such as the inside of and anything blocked by the ring. But, it’s going smoothly so far. This is where she stands right now:





I’ve got the big pieces in place, it’s all about details right now. The front top bit was the first piece that I did, but I was overthinking it at first. At first, I was trying to do the cockpit window as part of the mesh before subdivision, but it was coming out like garbage. Fortunately, I regrouped and decided to do it after the subdivision by making a piece that shape and then stenciling it into the mesh. Then I set in the window and cleaned up my ngons (to make the conversion to .fbx for Tobias easier.) Since then, it’s been going well.

I would just like to point out that I think this new dumbed down “improved” posting system WordPress is using sucks. I used the old system as long as I could, but it looks like I’ve got no choice now. Thanks a lot, you asshats.


4 thoughts on “Vulcan Shuttle Pt. 01

    • Thanks Greg. Yeah, I hate this new stuff. It takes longer to load, for one thing. Plus, the interface is less intuitive. I haven’t seen one thing that makes it “improved.”

  1. First – the Vulcan shuttle looks great so far. I’m not a ‘Enterprise’ fan but really liked the introduction of the Vulcan and Andorian ships.

    New WP posting system? Egads! I don;t know which I have. Pretty easy though I agree the stats changes are not so great and the media manager became difficult to use.

    • Thanks bro. I’m an Enterprise fan and I love the Vulcan ships. I’m thinking of doing the big cruiser designed by Doug Drexler next. I love that he incorporated ring engines, they validate the Enterprise seen as wall art in TMP with the ring engines. Clearly, the early Federation dabbled with adopting Vulcan engines for its ships. 🙂

      The Andorian cruiser is cool too. Maybe after the Vulcan one. 🙂

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