TOS Purists Be Warned…

If you’re a TOS Purist, one of those people who thinks the Starship Enterprise should look exactly like it did 50 years ago, avert your eyes now. In fact, you should probably just stop reading this and leave. If the thought of the original Enterprise with cut in grid lines makes your colon clench, leave now. I’m not joking, GO!

And, with that, you have been warned. By continuing to read this and looking at the images below, you are certifying that modifying the Enterprise doesn’t bother you and that I am not responsible for you seeing something you don’t want to see and having bad feelings as a result. 😛

Anywho, I just had to do it:





Overall, it’s pretty much the same ship it’s always been, just with a few logical additions. Grid lines, RCS thrusters, docking ports and torpedo launchers. There will be modeled phasers also and I plan to do better looking running lights. I did have to move a few windows, especially on the saucer edge. Those were moved to avoid the thrusters. It doesn’t make any sense to have a window between the upper and lower thrusters. For one thing, there’s a thruster there, so it’s not like anybody is getting that close to the window due to the internal mechanics. Plus, the internal mechanics are likely automated and people only enter the area to do maintenance, so who would even be looking out of said windows, if they could? So, they got moved. I also rotated those lit rectangles on the upper saucer a bit to line up with the thrusters, purely for aesthetic reasons.

9 thoughts on “TOS Purists Be Warned…

  1. Thanks guys.

    I was having all kinds of fun earlier. I got my windows laid out in the TOS pattern for the secondary hull, which I want to do both for the non lined version and for when I lay out the lines (so that lines don’t intersect windows.) I had them mostly where I wanted them and was tweaking a bit when Lightwave crashed. No biggie, it happens from time to time. Only, this time, when I went to reopen my file, I found that it wouldn’t open. So, I went to the file manager and found that the file’s size was 0B. So, it was f***ed. So, I had to go back to an earlier save and redo the windows. And now I’m totally out of the mood to even look at Lightwave anymore tonight.

  2. Thanks Dean and Thomas. 🙂

    Yeah, no pitchforks. My disclaimer absolves me and negates the need for retribution in this matter. If anybody kept reading/looking after the first paragraph, it’s their fault, not mine. 😛

  3. Meh, It’s what she probably would have looked like anyways if they had the budget and the care to add those type of details.

    How many others have done something like this? Then again, does it ever get old? (I think not ;))

  4. Hi EG180

    I really like your interpretation of the “Old Lady” NCC-1701.
    It´s interesting for me to see when people have the courage to create better variants of amazing spaceships.

    I guess it will be looking great (as the most of your meshes) when it´s ready.



  5. I must not be as much of a “purist” as I thought, because I think you’ve done a nice job. This seems pretty faithful to Matt Jeffries’ lines, and as you say, the additions are logical enough to put the ship more easily into the later-established design lineage.

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