TNG Era Ship, Pt. 02

I got the main hull all sized where I want it to start today. This is important to do early in the process, before adding details. Otherwise, you can wind up with something FUBAR, like a 725 meter long ship that was clearly designed to be in the 300-400 meter range. I also shortened the nacelles slightly, in the front. I shortened the space behind the bussard cowling, that was a bit long for my taste. With all of that finalized, it’s 295.45 meters long, 175.something wide and around 60 tall. So, it’s around the size of a Constitution class ship.

After doing all of that, I started on the details. I added an inset to the back of the big square section at the back of the saucer. This is where the shuttlebay will go. Then I started on the navigational deflector and impulse engines. And, last but certainly not least, I started on the grid/panel lines. I went a bit heavy handed on this, as I usually do. I like doing a lot of these things, similar what Richard Taylor did on the Enterprise refit, to add a lot of detail without ruining that smooth look that Matt Jefferies wanted on the ships. Anywho, I have those all done on the catamarans.








4 thoughts on “TNG Era Ship, Pt. 02

  1. Those impulse insets on the cats looks great as does the deflector. I think your panels lines always look heavy as you build but subdue in the end when you get your finish color on.

    • Thanks bro. By “heavy handed,” I meant the amount of panels more than the size. They’re only 4 cm wide and deep, which isn’t a lot. Plus, as you said, they blend more once it’s textured.

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