Excelsior-Miranda Hybrid, Pt. 02

Well, today was fun. Doing some effects work, which is a long process, especially since I’m venturing into stuff I’ve never done before. But, I was done fiddling with the shot I’m doing for today, so I decided to tweak this thing a bit. Specifically, the roll bar and warp pylons.

I took some suggestions and changed things a bit. I rounded the top and bottom quite a bit, much like how the pylons on the Enterprise refit, Reliant and Excelsior are. They’re not just flat surfaces, they have a roundness throughout the length, much like an airplane wing. My old roll bar and pylons had a bit of this, but not as much as the new ones. I also gave them more of an outward angle than they had before, which puts the nacelles out a bit wider. The pylons also “sweep” forward, where the didn’t before. I also lengthened, widened and shortened the height of the nacelles.






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