Excelsior-Miranda Hybrid, Pt. 02

Well, today was fun. Doing some effects work, which is a long process, especially since I’m venturing into stuff I’ve never done before. But, I was done fiddling with the shot I’m doing for today, so I decided to tweak this thing a bit. Specifically, the roll bar and warp pylons.

I took some suggestions and changed things a bit. I rounded the top and bottom quite a bit, much like how the pylons on the Enterprise refit, Reliant and Excelsior are. They’re not just flat surfaces, they have a roundness throughout the length, much like an airplane wing. My old roll bar and pylons had a bit of this, but not as much as the new ones. I also gave them more of an outward angle than they had before, which puts the nacelles out a bit wider. The pylons also “sweep” forward, where the didn’t before. I also lengthened, widened and shortened the height of the nacelles.






One thought on “Excelsior-Miranda Hybrid, Pt. 02

  1. Have to say I’m kinda liking this.. Always been a bit of a fan of the Reliant and Nebula Class designs so this is pretty cool to see. It kind of has me wondering now how an Ambassador Class in this configuration would look…

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