Excelsior-Miranda Hybrid

Like the title says, it’s a blend of the Excelsior and Miranda classes. I’ve had this thought lately that, if they hadn’t had to be so budget minded on TNG, we may have seen some more models that were era appropriate than ships like the Miranda class and Oberth class, ships which were obviously much older and probably shouldn’t be in such heavy use, at least not by Starfleet. Even the Excelsior, which was brand new and ready for test runs in 2285 was a bit of a stretch to still be in use 60 years later. But, that’s what they had. However, had they not had such budget constraints, we may have seen some more “logical progression” of ship lines. IE: if the Constitution class was replaced by the Excelsior class and the Miranda class was built using the same tech as the Constitution class, doesn’t it stand to reason that a successor to the Miranda class would resemble the Excelsior’s technology? I think so.

Anyway, I started on this yesterday. It’s still pretty rough so far, but you get the idea. I’m not a fan of “blocking in” when I build stuff, so all of this is on its way to being finished components. (In my opinion, you just do more work when you block in stuff) So far, there’s nothing too fancy. It’s mostly a lot of box modeling, some subdivision and a lot of edge rounding. The bridge module isn’t a permanent piece, I just grabbed that off of my Constitution refit in order to have it as a size reference for adding things like the pod.





Tech wise, it’s Excelsior-ish, but not exact duplicates of the Excelsior components. I don’t want it to look like a kitbash. It’s considerably smaller than the Excelsior, but that is to be expected due to its compact design. Right now, it’s around 276 meters long and 150 meters wide. I don’t remember how tall it is. It only has about 10 or so decks, not counting the pod. And, it has a navigational deflector. One thing that bugs me about the Miranda class is the lack of a deflector. Instead, they claim those field attraction sensors are a deflector, even though the same elements on the Constitution refit aren’t the deflector. So, I put one in the pod. With the size of the thing, there’s still plenty of room for torpedo launchers.

So, that’s where it is right now. More later. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Excelsior-Miranda Hybrid

  1. Love this. I especially appreciate seeing a deflector added to the design. Now it won’t explode in a brilliant calamity the first time it accelerates to relativistic speeds!

  2. Blocking in is an incredible waste of time, thanks for outing that 🙂

    Glad to see the inclusion of a proper deflector. Like the idea overall and, as always, excellent work so far. Grabbing a part from something else is allowed you know 🙂

    It never tweaked me that we saw older designs in TNG/DS9 as 60 years is nothing. The vastness of the Federation would likely mean using a design as much as possible and it would be economical to standardize. Without a war or some other major tech breakthrough, why would they need to change? We still fly B-52 bombers! But I agree, they would still have other ship types than the few we saw over and over again. The jump from the Excelsior and Miranda to Galaxy class does not make sense. And, we should really have seen more Ambassador class ships (at least in DS9).

    • Thanks bro. I guess blocking in is good if you need a visual representation of how things will come together before you start. I visualize it in my head, which skips that step.

      I don’t have an issue with the Excelsior, Miranda and Oberth being there, I have more of an issue with them representing the bulk of the fleet that we saw. Aside from the Nebula and the barely visible kitbashes from The Best of Both Worlds and Unification, they didn’t really have any newer designs during the run of TNG. Even their “interim” designs, such as the Constellation and Ambassador saw infrequent use. Both were more or less throw away designs, which is sad. I get that they were phasing out the Constellation due to its age, but we should have seen heavy use of the Ambassador design, due to it being a stepping stone between the Excelsior and Galaxy. But, it was only used in a few episodes. And, it was never even converted to a CGI model. Of course, most of this is due to budget. They had to scrap some new models (such as the Soyuz class) in favor of kitbashes due to money. However, they spent money on the Ambassador model and even more money to “retrofit” it and it got almost no screen time. With the number of Excelsiors and Mirandas we saw during the Dominion war, I find it hard to believe that the more advance Ambassador sat out the major battles.

      Man, I hate typing this much on my tablet. 😉

  3. Cool! An early TLE Heavy Frigate!

    I probably would’ve done the pod maybe a little like the secondary hull of the Excelsior, but I’m thinking the flat(ter) part would face towards the hull, be waaayyy downsized to an appropriate size, and without the fantail. Rather than a cutout, the aft of the pod could end up similar to that of the rear of a Miranda’s torp pod.

    I also favor mega-phaser cannons similar to those mounted on the Ingram to complete the modular weaponry layout.

    • That was actually my first thought for the pod. However, once I got to building the thing, I kind of let it go where it wanted to go, resulting in this. 😉 I’m definitely considering adding the Miranda-style pulse phasers, or mega phasers, or whatever you want to call them.

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