USS Allura, Pt. 08

Well, today started with a bit of a setback. I was making my shuttle bay doors when I came to the conclusion that there wasn’t much space above them for them to roll up. Likewise, there wasn’t enough room to put in doors that slid side to side. So, I had to redo the opening. I looked at some shuttle sizes and a shuttlepod is roughly 1.8 meters tall, whereas the huge Type 7 shuttle from TNG is only 3.8 meters tall. So, I didn’t need a nearly 6 meter opening, especially since this ship probably carries type 6 or type 8 shuttles, (depending on which I feel like building) both of which are only around 2.7 meters tall. So, I made the opening smaller, giving it more room from the top of the door opening to the bottom of the cowl, like Voyager has. Of course, since this was all booleaned into place and smoothed into the hull, I had to redo the whole thing. But, that wasn’t that big of a deal. I prefer doing a little extra work if it adds at least some level of believability to my design. (I don’t care what the dictionary says, believability should be a word 😉 )

Then I added the saucer docking ports. I had to inset them into the hull pretty far to get them to work, but that’s not a big deal for docking with something like a starbase (see: the TNG episode “11001001”) or the upper or lower pylons on DS9. However, the ship may dock with something else, so the idea is that the big cubic section that the airlock is set into can actually extend outward, to allow better alignment. No, it’s not rigged to do so, I’m just saying that’s how it would work if rigged to do so. 😉 And, for those keeping track, the docking port is the same design I’m using on my destroyer, for continuity sake.

And, most important of all updates, I moved the bridge forward 2 meters. 😛






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