Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 07

It took a while to come up with a navigational deflector design that I like. Ctrl+Z and Delete were used a lot during the process. 😉 One thing I don’t like are what I call “lazy” deflectors, where somebody just adds a texture with some glow. For ships from the ’90s, such as the CGI ships in First Contact and Deep Space Nine, I get why they did that. They were rendering on ancient computers with no processing power and they needed to save memory usage where they could. However, in this day and age, there’s no good reason to not add some real detail to bits like a nav deflector. I finally settled on a dish that juts out a bit as a nod to the original ship. Behind it, I wanted something more than just a glow. I noticed that Voyager has vanes in front with the glowing bit behind that, so I decided to go with something like that. The vanes were a royal pain to do, but I figured them out. Eventually, I’ll do a gradient (probably a texture) so that the center glows brightly and it fades out towards the sides, like the one on Voyager does.




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