Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 06

I started on the weapons with the dorsal saucer phaser arrays. Being a destroyer, this ship is going to be well armed. The cut-out section in the front is going to be a weapons cluster, with torpedo launchers and pulse phasers. There will also be rear torpedo launchers and type 10 phasers all over the place. I also added the escape pods. I based mine on the pods from the Vesta class, designed by Mark Rademaker. The Vesta class has pods similar to the ones from the Sovereign class (and, due to photos of the Ent-E being used to texture them, the Steamrunner and Akira classes) but they’re slightly different. Instead of being inset in grooves, they’re protruding slightly. Also, the scale on the ones on those other ships is questionable, where Mark has designed his to a specific size, which is how I like to do things too. He illustrated on Scifi-Meshes recently that the pods can hold 10 people. There are 30 pods on my ship, giving it a 300 person evacuation limit. (not counting shuttles) I don’t figure the ship has a crew anywhere near that size, but it is a combat ship and may be called upon to beam up people from a planet or from a ship that’s in distress. Then, if it’s destroyed, those people need to get off the ship somehow. šŸ˜‰






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