Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 05

I fixed the error in the grid lines. If you don’t know what the error was, that’s fine. However, suffice to say, there was an error and now there’s not. It involved some surgical removal and cutting and pasting, but it’s all better now. 😉 I also added port/starboard docking ports to the saucer. I have them a bit farther forward than I normally would because the impulse engines are going to go on the back edges of the saucer and I don’t want the ports there due to the impulse internal components. I also added some RCS thrusters, which it’s OK to have near the impulse engines. (it all has to do with movement 😉 ) And, lastly I added some windows. I may do a few more, but this is probably going to be most of them. I know, some people think a destroyer shouldn’t have windows because they’re weak spots, but most Federation ships have them. Besides, I looked up real destroyers on Wikipedia and some have portholes, some don’t.





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