Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 03

Sometimes, it’s necessary to go back to the old drawing board. (figuratively speaking, as I don’t draw unless I have to) A couple people over at Scifi-Meshes were talking about the size of the ship and, admittedly, it has been a concern of mine. It’s hard to cram necessary systems into such a small ship. Still, I think it could work, if as nothing else than a support ship. (maybe a destroyer that patrols around a Starbase)

Anywho, I started over on the ship. I decided to go with a different design than Dan’s, something based instead on the Nova class and the Intrepid from Enterprise. I like both of those designs a lot, so I decided to do kind of a hybrid thing. Since it’s a 24th century ship, I kept hull as smooth as I could, almost like it was poured into its shape. The new design is more than twice the size of the previous one, 200 meters long and 125 meters wide. Once I add the bridge module, the ship will have 10 decks. Though, deck 10 is not very large, it would probably be used for storage. I normally give my ST ships 4 meters for decks. With 4 meters, you get plenty of space for those high ceilings that they typically have and stuff between decks, like conduits, piping, framework, etc. However, as this is a destroyer, I want it to feel a bit more “cramped,” so I gave it only 3.5 meters per deck. I figure it has lower ceilings, like the Defiant does. Also, with a change in equipment, this design might serve other purposes in the fleet, such as a science ship or a scout. (I know, big surprise, me doing a scout šŸ˜‰ )

The only thing I salvaged from my old build was the nacelles, since I still like them. However, since I increased the size, I have to redo the paneling so that the paneling on them isn’t thicker than on the rest of the ship. They’re about 40 meters longer now, the rest of the dimensions are scaled up accordingly. However, I wanted to keep my pendants and the thing between the bussard openings, so I copied the center of the complete nacelle from the last build and pasted it onto this one. The little grills on the intercoolers are still there, I just have to redo the insets so that they can be seen. šŸ˜‰





No, the nacelles don’t move. I’m just deciding on two different configurations, one with the nacelles up and one with them down. Right now, I’m leaning towards down, since that makes the ship look (to me) like an animal ready to strike. Plus, I’ve done a lot of ships in the past with nacelles up, so this is a bit of a change of pace.






8 thoughts on “Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 03

    • Thanks John. No, the nacelles don’t move. I modeled them with the pylons facing upward and the nacelles above the saucer. However, after I made them, I decided to see how they looked reversed. I like both, so I rendered both to see how they look and to get opinions. People seem to lean more towards the downward facing pylons, but I’ll probably end up building both variations. šŸ™‚

  1. I think that this is heading in the right direction. The last incarnation just looked too bulky to look like something from the TNG-era.

    Plus, I adore the Nova class.

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