Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 02

I started on the nacelle details. Since a couple people said they like the intercoolers (fins) and nobody objected to their presence, I kept those for added visual interest. Also, for some of the renders, I added a dude for scale. He’s a simple dude that I made in MakeHuman and converted to Lightwave, which is why he’s standing outside of a space ship wearing jeans and a T-shirt and casual shoes. 😉 For scale references, he’s 1.914 meters tall, or 6 ft. 3.something inches tall for people who aren’t on the metric system.






Also, I realized while I was rendering these that I should probably cut my lower phaser arrays a bit shorter towards the back, since they “overlap” the nacelles. I’ll fix that in a bit.


2 thoughts on “Dominion War Destroyer, Pt. 02

  1. Hello Chris my name is Kevin and I am in my late forty’s. I am a very big star Trek fan myself, I would also like to say that everything I have seen on your web page for Star Trek ships are incredibly awesome you are very talented.
    Now I have been working with the truth space 7.6 probably for the last 5 or 6 years now and I have pretty much just the basics I’m having difficulty still with lots of things I know the model side of it enough to say that i can use it I have made a few ship hulls but nothing spectacular and none of them have been completed and I hardly know how to use the workspace side at all.
    I have exhaustively searched on the internet for any kind of tutoring videos anything that would help me along the way though I have found many helpful videos and have the original tutorial videos that used to be on the Caligari website, However I have found very few that deal with plugins and download, importable content, nothing explains in any detail how to import files from downloads that I have found across the web.
    I am in desperate need of tutoring and learning such things as learning how to import meshes into trueSpace. So far everything that I have tried to import has failed and texturing is not coming out quite right. Lighting is another aspect i am having trouble with.
    So I’m commenting here on your page to see if you might be able to help me by either pointing me in the right direction to get the help that I need or if you can help me by explaining some things to me or tutor me or something to that effect
    Can you help me?

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