Dominion War Destroyer (Formerly known as the Romulan War Destroyer)

It’s 2015, so I guess I should actually finish some of my open projects from 2014. šŸ˜› For those who don’t remember it, I was working on a little destroyer a few months back based on a drawing by Dan “MadKoiFish” Uyeno. In fact, a bunch of us over at 3DSciFi are working on our own version of the ship. Anyway, mine was supposed to be from the era of the Romulan War, in the late 2150s. Though, it’s a tiny ship, so I ran into some issues, such as available space for things like the galley, food stores, spare parts, etc. I finally stopped working on it due to these issues. However, I was looking through folders a couple nights ago looking for stuff to delete and for project ideas when I came across Dan’s drawing, so I decided to finish the ship.

In order to solve the space issues, I decided to make it a late 24th century ship, from around the time of the Dominion War. Replicators solve a lot of issues, as we saw or heard mention of everything from food and medicine to spare parts and clothing come out of them on the various later era shows. There were even mentions of replicated weapons. There’s no need for a galley and cargo areas can be smaller. Though, as a destroyer, I figure this is purely a defensive ship and wouldn’t need to venture outside of Federation space very often. So, it’s never going to be very far from fresh supplies, so there’s not much need for a lot of cargo space. Of course, they would have seen more extensive use during the war, but they would also have been part of a fleet.

So, in order to upgrade the design, I’m putting in some more TNG-era elements. I kept the basic saucer and secondary hull shapes, but I rebuilt everything else. I also redid the paneling on the saucer and added some big windows to deck 2, like the ones on the Enterprise-D, Voyager and the Equinox. I also built a new bridge based off of ones I’ve done from this era. And, of course, some Voyager-style phaser strips.



For the deflector area, I went with something based off of Voyager, but more simple. That part also extends back to connect the saucer and secondary hull. I gave the whole piece a more fluid design, to fit with the later era. I did some new nacelle pylons based on the design that I did for the USS Allura. For the nacelles, I went with more of an Enterprise-E style shape, but not the same. Also, I have two ideas for the nacelles, both of which are illustrated below. Personally, I like both. So, I’m open to opinions as far as which looks better. If there’s no prevailing opinion, I’ll simply choose one.






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