USS Allura, Pt. 06

More stuff. I changed the crap in front of the deflector to something like what I had in my last build of this ship. I also added indentations to the left and right of the deflector for sensor arrays. And, I added the saucer RCS thrusters, based off of the ones on Voyager. (somebody please tell me how the stupid Google Chrome dictionary doesn’t have thruster in it)






5 thoughts on “USS Allura, Pt. 06

    • Good lord, I haven’t played Starfleet Command in ages. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The last time I tried it, I had a wireless keyboard and either that or Windows 7 was seriously messing up my ability to command my ship. It could have been the keyboard, it was a POS.

      Anyway, I figured from the registry it was TMP-era, I just didn’t feel like hunting it down earlier. Though, I did find a bigger and better looking schematic here:

      I’m sure I’ve seen it plenty of times on Starship Schematics or Cygnus-X1, I just couldn’t place it by the name and registry.

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