USS Allura, Pt. 05A

This isn’t a huge update, but I added some temporary text to the saucer for the ship’s name and registry. It’s just “laying” on the hull right now, I’ll stencil it in onto a copy much, much later. This is more for my purposes at this point, so that I don’t put details on the spot where it goes, but I thought a few people might be interested in seeing it. Yes, I’m fully aware that Voyager, Enterprise-E, Prometheus, Equinox and many of the “guest” ships on TNG, DS9 and Voyager didn’t have red outlines around the name. However, I simply don’t care. This is how I do mine. Also, ignore the ugly brown crap in front of the deflector, that will be going away soon. 😉



I felt this was the best place to put the text because the area in front of the bridge is too flat. Besides, I have plans for some of that area. I looked it up and a few ships have their name and registry far in front of their bridge on their saucers. The Prometheus is a great example, since it too has a “long front” saucer with the bridge high and back on it.


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