USS Allura, Pt. 02

Changes. JES commented that the back of the shuttle landing thing should be slightly rounded, and I agreed. So, I rounded it. I didn’t round it as much as my original version, but more like the rear end of the Voyager and Equinox models. I also added the lowermost structure under the saucer. I was going to do this as a separate piece, but I couldn’t make it transition smoothly without a lot of work. So, instead, I built it right onto the saucer/engine section. And, since that meant redoing subdivision anyway, I made a few other changes. Rather than doing the groove thing for the upper sensor array after the subdivision, as I did previously, I did it before. I also added a lower sensor “pit” for a ventral sensor array. One thing that annoys me about Voyager is that it has no ventral sensors. Though, somebody may not have thought it needed any, depending on its role in the fleet. Its role was never defined on the show, so we really don’t know. However, other ships have ventral sensors. And, last but not least, I started on the bridge.






2 thoughts on “USS Allura, Pt. 02

  1. I think the rounded section works.. I really like the overall design as a nifty runabout craft.. OK bigger than the runabout design but it give that overall feel.. it will be interesting when you detail/texture it..

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