USS Allura, Pt. 01

This has been a pet project of mine for about 10 years now, going back to late 2004. Basically, the idea is to do a ship from the Voyager era, but not Voyager itself. Basically, what I’ve done is combined influences from the Voyager, Equinox and Enterprise-E into one ship. The first couple versions were done in TrueSpace 3 and were pretty icky. (fortunately, they’ve not survived this long) My last version was done in TrueSpace 4 and rendered in TrueSpace 7.




It’s OK, it more or less looks the way I always wanted it to look, but TrueSpace just doesn’t have good sculpting and subdivision tools, which are necessary for these “organic” looking ships, where everything flows together. That was also the version where I renamed the ship USS Allura, it was the USS Pegasus previously. (my fellow ’80s kids might know where the name Allura comes from)

Anyway, moving on to the present. I basically want to build the ship the same as my last TrueSpace version, but smoother and with a few design changes. I made the front of the saucer more smooth and changed the size and shape of the deflector inset. I also changed the shape of the shuttlebay cut out. Back in 2009, when I was first working on my last version, I seemed to have a thing for clamshell doors. Well, I’m over that now and I want to give the ship a garage-door style opening, like Voyager and many of the other TNG-era ships have. So, I squared off the landing pad thing to make it more the shape of the one on Voyager. Also, I chagned the size and shape of the impulse engine slightly and, most importantly, that and the upper deck are part of the main saucer/hull mesh, as is the underside. These were separate objects in TrueSpace. For the warp pylons, I’m keeping the same basic design, but I did make a few changes and made them more smooth. The nacelles are almost identical to the ones I did previously, with a few minor changes. I toyed with doing more Enterprise-E style nacelles, but decided to keep my previous design, as they are the most unique feature on the ship. So, this is where it stands after working on it yesterday and today:





Obviously, there’s still very much left to do, but I figured I’d start a WIP for this, as I’ve already done a lot of work on it. If you don’t model and you’re thinking “Eh, it’s not that much work,” think again. The main hull alone took most of yesterday, especially to get the shape and smoothness I wanted.


4 thoughts on “USS Allura, Pt. 01

  1. Oh cool, the Allura. Even though most of you seem to lean a lot toward TMP-era designs, you do TNG-era designs pretty well.

    Funny how I currently have a thing for clam-shell shuttle doors.

    The one change that I’d really like to see is for the shuttlebay landing tail-end to be rounded/semi-circular, not unlike what you did for the last model/like the tail-end of the Sovereign, rather than having a flat tail-end.

    • Thanks. I’m actually pretty burnt out doing TOS/TMP era, so I figured I’d go back to TNG for a while. My next one is probably going to be a later era Klingon ship, since we didn’t really see a whole lot of those on screen. (2 designs that weren’t reused movie era ships)

  2. Great work! It’s really good to see you delving back into that arena of organic modeling. I do urge you to give Blender one more chance, as there have been DRASTIC improvements since I think you last tried it (I wasn’t sure by the post whether you were still using TrueSpace or if this new one is in Lightwave– It looks great, but Blender might have other features you’re looking for). The organic modeling tools are especially powerful. Not trying to plug my own work here, but since you were talking about organic modeling, I thought I’d put in my two cents:

    Oh, and have you tried SpaceEngine?

    • I don’t use Truespace for modeling anymore. All I did in it was render orthographic views of the model so that I could use them to build the new model in Lightwave. I have all of the organic modeling tools I need in Lightwave. After all, it’s been used in movies and TV for over 20 years. Jurassic Park, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the last 3 Star Trek shows, BSG, just to name a few things.

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