Scout Refit, Pt. 09

I wasn’t in the mood to do any modeling yesterday, but I got a start on the textures. I’m far enough along that I can do that. Aztecs and whatnot take a while to make, so I figured I’d get a start on them. So far, I’ve only done specular maps and only on the saucer and engineering section. Fortunately, since the ship is so small, I only have to do Aztecs for the pylons and nacelles and then it’s done. I wanted to recreate that look they had on the Enterprise refit in TMP, where the Aztecs were painted with iridescent paint. When you shone a light directly onto them, you couldn’t see them. However, put the light on the other side of the model and they pop. So, I’m only adding Aztecs to the specular channel, which creates this effect. I may add a slight hint of paneling by putting them in the color or diffusion channel at a low setting, or I may leave them as is.






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