Scout Refit, Pt. 06

I’m at the small details part of the build, so expect my updates from here until I start the textures to mostly feature little changes. Much of the detailing on the refit E and Reliant is small, barely noticeable stuff, so I want to do lots of that stuff. In fact, one of these days, I need to go back and add a lot of that stuff to my refit, since I was rushed when I built it. I realized my forward windows on the structure under the bridge were in the perfect spot for me to add the upper forward registry lights, so I nixed those and added the lights. I also added the lights to the sensor doodad on the bottom and added phasers and a bunch of other little knickknacks.





And, in the “Fook Mi, that was fast!” department, (people who know the Austin Powers films should get that reference) I got my new command office chair today, so I’m sitting comfortably. Lumbar support is awesome when you have a bad back. 😀 I wasn’t supposed to get it until next week, so it was a great surprise when the UPS dude showed up with it earlier.


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