There are few things in life that piss me off more than asshats who comment on my work simply to ask me if/where they can download my models. No “Hey, that’s nice,” or even “I’m not really a fan of it,” just “Where can I get it?” Most of the time, you can’t. I used to offer downloads on various sites but I stopped mainly because people weren’t using them for anything. Even when people requested them, I’d never see them used for anything. So, I stopped wasting my time. Also, there are other factors that I won’t go into right now, but I just don’t put stuff up for public download anymore.

I don’t know where people on the Internet get this sense of entitlement where, just because somebody else spent their time making something and posted pictures of it on the Internet, they think it’s theirs too. Well, it’s not. DO NOT comment on my blog entries just to ask where you can download my models. I’ll simply not publish or delete the comment. I do share models with friends who ask for them, but said friends know how they can get a hold of me to ask and they know how to do so with respect.