My Enterprise, Pt. 03

I added some more stuff to the nacelles. I probably spent too much time and polygons on the stuff inside the nacelle that you can’t even see very well, but oh well.





Here are some closeups. I also changed some settings on the semi-transparent pieces covering the insides, making it a bit easier to see what’s inside.






6 thoughts on “My Enterprise, Pt. 03

    • Thanks a lot. Those are actually based on the 2009 Enterprise, though I made mine less pronounced and I also have them integrated into the nacelle structure. The ones on the 2009 E look like a separate piece. I don’t know what theirs are, but mine are supposed to be the actual scoop part of the Ramscoop Bussard Collector, used to collect deuterium (also known as heavy hydrogen) to fuel the ship’s fusion generators.

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