My Enterprise, Pt. 01

I’ve done this type of thing before, but not for several years. It started back in 2008, way before we saw the design they were using for the movie in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Back in those days, I yearned for a reboot of the franchise (but not necessarily the one we got) and I designed my own version of what the ship could look like. Unfortunately, this is what I came up with:


It’s funky, it’s clunky, it’s got that weird engineering hull and those big nacelles. Anyway, I hate it. I did an earlier version, this is actually the improved version.

I’ve also done this weird thing, which I actually do still like as a majorly “alternate” version, which is why was a lot more of a departure from “normal:”


I’ve done one or two other “redesigns,” but those are the two I still have that are readily available to show.

Anyway, the past few years, I’ve been more into the “canon” side of things. However, recently, I thought about starting one of these again. Though, instead of a drastic departure from what we know from Trek, I decide to go more low key with the updates. I don’t need to do a funky looking engineering section or huge, clunky nacelles to do a redesign, I simply need to alter a few things here and there. Anyway, this is what I have after a few days of work:





Proportionally, she’s very close to an upscaled TOS Enterprise. I know this because I upscaled my TOS Enterprise and used it as a guide to lay out the components. However, the ship is much larger. I’ve got it at 385 meters long. This is necessary to make the edge of the saucer large enough to realistically fit 2 decks. The original Enterprise is too small for 2 decks, which may be why it originally only had 1 row of windows on the saucer edge. I also had to increase the height of the teardrop, once again to allow 2 decks there. I allow a generous 4 meters per deck, which allows for not only the internal rooms, corridors, etc, but also for framework, the ship’s skin, conduits, etc. The ship has 23 decks total. The engineering section diameter is only slightly enlarged, to allow for the deck plan. It’s also slightly longer due to how I designed the shuttlebay area, VS what they did originally. I gave the nacelle pylons a bit more bulk and moved them forward slightly at their base, but they are at a nearly identical angle to the originals. The main pylon (or “neck”) is a smidgen thinner, and it also has a different profile to the original, which was necessary due to how I designed the engineering section. The nacelles have almost the same diameter and length as the originals. Design wise, it’s a bit TOS mixed with TMP and even a JJPrise influence or two, plus some original stuff. Once I get more into the details, it will stand on its own more.


5 thoughts on “My Enterprise, Pt. 01

    • Thanks Ger. Yeah, I don’t know how anybody can realistically think the original Enterprise has 21 decks and that they line up with the windows on the exterior. It just doesn’t work. So, upscaling is definitely necessary. However, it’s important to scale the ship up before you add the windows. (Obviously, that bit is directed at JJ)

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