Wildstar, Pt. 04

Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake with this design. One of the things to consider when designing a space ship is how does your crew get on and off the ship? I have hatches planned, which will come in handy when the ship docks at something like a space station. However, I have no plans to give the ship the ability to land. Due to the way I designed the hull, it would require some really long rear landing gear. Plus, it would probably have to have some kind of long boarding ramp. It’s jut not practical. Of course, in some Sci-Fi (Star Trek, Blake’s 7, etc.) have some kind of matter transporter, or teleporter. Of course, this is good from a TV show budget sense, as using an effect like that is cheaper than shuttling the crew from place to place. Plus, it’s cool tech. Though, even if you have that kind of tech, you still need some kind of landing craft, as they had on Star Trek. And, indeed, we saw several Star Trek episodes where the transporters weren’t working for some reason or another, so they used shuttles. (except in “The Enemy Within,” where it would have made a lot of sense) Anyway, I don’t plan to have that kind of tech in my universe.

So, I decided to give the ship a landing bay. However, since I didn’t plan for it, I had to redo the paneling somewhere to fit it in. I chose the underside, since it required less work to redo the paneling there and because I could add a bay without breaking the upper hull design. My first thought was to do an inset with some doors inside it. Those doors would open into a bay. However, the only part of the underside that is curved enough is too far forward to put a bay forward of it, due to the shape of the front of the hull. So, I decided to add a structure to the bottom. This structure not only gives the underside ample room for a bay, but it also increases the ship’s internal space. So, the ship has a landing bay now for support craft.






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