Wildstar, Pt. 01

This is something I started on a few days ago. It started off as me wanting to do a Star Trek ship that was a Federation vessel but not a Starfleet vessel. However, as I started designing it, I decided it would work as an original project, rather than a Trek project. Sure, there are a few Trek influences, but it’s hard to not be influenced by any of the major Sci-Fi franchises and styles when designing something.

Anyway, it’s basically a large shuttle. It’s 45 meters long, 44.6 meters wide and 12.8 meters tall. It has 3 decks and probably a small crew. Other than that, I don’t have many details worked out, beyond the name: Wildstar.






4 thoughts on “Wildstar, Pt. 01

  1. It has engine pods on the end of short, stubby wings. It is pretty hard for me to NOT see this as a Trek design!

    At least you’ve succeeded in not making her look like a Starfleet shuttlecraft.

    She looks a little like what would happen if the denizens of the Star Wars galaxy were to design a shuttle using Trek tech.

    • You’re assuming those are engines, though I never said they were. Besides, it’s not like Star Trek was the first Sci-Fi to ever have engines on short wings.

      I actually was thinking those were sensor pods, though I may change the design significantly to make them look less like engines, since I’m sure other people will assume they’re engines also.

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