Romulan War Destroyer, Pt. 06

I was fed up with trying to fit simple components into that tiny destroyer I was building. So, I started over. In fact, I’m going in a completely different direction with this. The layout is similar to my TOS/TMP era scout, which I did intentionally to show a clear lineage for this design type going back to the 2150s and on into the 2260s and 2270s. The ship is smaller than the scout, but larger than the destroyer was before. The only parts that haven’t been rebuilt are the nacelles, because I actually like those.





Yes, I see the thruster nozzles that fire up directly at the bussard collectors, I’ll remove those. 😉


2 thoughts on “Romulan War Destroyer, Pt. 06

  1. An excellent idea. If you will have the ‘satellite’ for warp core, it could destroy the whole concept, or not?

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