Scout Refit, Pt. 02

More work on this. I didn’t like the spacing between the dark grill things on the nacelles, so I redid those. That makes the glowy part show a bit better. After that, I finished the details on the nacelles with some lines, fins and bussard bits. I also started on the ship’s bridge.






4 thoughts on “Scout Refit, Pt. 02

  1. poly count? i just had a friend of mine who is a 3D artist build me a Ambassador class ship for Bridge commander 2 (check em out on facebook) and the ambassador class weighs in at 500k polys. needless to say it looks amazing.

  2. This ship will probably have a poly count between 200k and 300k by the time it’s done. The Ambassador class is a much bigger ship and would require more, especially with all of those windows. Windows add a lot of polygons, and that ship has hundreds of windows.

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