Scout Refit, Pt. 01

I’m a little frustrated/fed up with working on the Romulan War Destroyer. I’m tempted to just jettison the thing and start over, maybe even make it not Romulan War Era. However, I haven’t decided anything just yet. So, I decided instead to work on something else.

I’ve started on a refit version of my Scout. This is to bring the ship in line with the TMP-era tech. Unlike the Enterprise “refit,” I didn’t want the hull contours and whatnot to change, which would make the ship look like a brand new model, like the Enterprise does. So, I went back into my Scout WIP saves and found my earlier versions of the saucer and secondary hull. This way, the ship will literally be the exact same design as the TOS version, but updated. I redid the shuttlebay area to make it more TMP-style and then set about adding a bunch of grid lines to the saucer and secondary hull. Of course, the nacelle pylons and nacelles had to be redone completely, but Matt Jefferies’ design notes suggested that these parts could be replaced easily. For the nacelles, I wanted to go with a TMP-era look, but not exactly the TMP design. So, I did my own design for the front part, where the back part is based on the TMP Enterprise’s nacelles. Anywho, this is where I’m at so far:






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