Romulan War Destroyer, Pt. 04

More stuff. I added the bridge module (the dome will be added later) and some docking ports last night, I just didn’t post them. “Alien” was on Encore, so I listened to that while I was working, even though I have it on DVD. 😉 Today, I did the line treatment to the bridge and added the navigational deflector.





Now, to some people, the bridge and docking ports may seem a little “tall.” That’s because they’re realistically scaled. As I’ve said a whole lot of times in the past, scaling issues are a pet peeve with me. For ships built out of plastic, scaling issues are going to happen. It’s a fact. For example, the original Enterprise is full of them. Originally, the bridge was taller and there was only one line of windows in the teardrop and saucer edge. However, when they changed the ship for the series version, they shortened the bridge and added second lines of windows to those structures. With the ship scaled to its fictional measurements, the series bridge minus the dome is only 2.5 meters tall, which doesn’t match the internal sets. Likewise, there really isn’t enough room for two full-sized decks in the teardrop or saucer edge. But, that was the 1960s and, like I said, plastic models.

However, these things still happen. Even on a well thought out and designed ship like the NX-01, there are some iffy measurements. One great example is the docking ports. Scaled to its fictional length of 225 meters long, the docking port hatches, including the frames, are only 1.5 meters tall. As we saw in the episode “Vox Sola,” the hatch itself isn’t even that large. While it varies by country, the average height for men in the US and UK at present is 177.6 centimeters, which is 1.776 meters. I’m closer to 1.91 meters tall, and there are a lot of taller people than me out there. So, most people would have to really stoop to get through a less than 1.5 meter opening.

In my humble opinion, there’s just no excuse for scaling issues in CGI. Build everything at 1:1 scale and you’ll be fine. So, for my ships from this era, I’ve increased the size of the ports quite a bit. The door frame is 2.4 meters tall, the opening itself is 2.0716 meters tall. While some taller people will still have to stoop, at least not all of us will. (note: this series supposedly takes place 150 or so years in the future and average height will be taller by then, but that’s beside the point)

Also, I avoided putting docking ports on the saucer edge because I didn’t like how they looked. The port structure is nearly as tall as the saucer edge, leaving little room for an indentation.


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