Romulan War Destroyer, Pt. 01

This is a ship I’m building that’s based on a design that a buddy of mine drew the other day. Dan “Madkoifish” Uyeno drew this sketch while he was waiting for something to render. I wish I could draw like that.


Slightly revised version:


Note: If you’re not familiar with Dan’s work, check out his blog, Madkoifish’s World, in my blog roll. Or, pick up a Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar from the past three years or next year, his work has been in every calendar between 2012 and 2015.

Anyway, I immediately liked the sketch and said I may have to nab it, to which he replied, “go for it.” So, I did. While he designed the ship to be a TOS ship, the design really lends itself to any Trek era, as we later discussed. So, I decided to do mine in the Romulan War era, just over a century before TOS. Here’s my back story on the ship:

As tensions were rising between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire, war was inevitable. The duty of protecting Earth fell to Starfleet. As an organization dedicated to peaceful exploration of space, the idea of going to war was an alien one, but Starfleet officers were trained for combat. While the NX-class ships were handy to have in a fight, each ship took over a year to build and required a large crew to operate. Starfleet Command realized that they would need ships in a hurry, so they needed ships that took less time and resources to build and less people to operate. This thinking gave rise to the destroyer. Unlike Starfleet’s earlier vessels, the destroyers were pure warships. The design was smaller and more nimble than an NX-class, but had no less firepower. Each ship had a crew of thirty, less than half the crew of an NX-class. Crew quarters were small, with only the captain and first officer getting private cabins. The rest of the crew shared quarters with one other person. Due to their small size and focus on warfare, the ships had no science labs and only a basic sickbay. Crew facilities were limited to one mess hall and the crew ate Starfleet field rations to save on cargo space, which was very limited. Unlike the larger ships, these vessels weren’t designed to operate for long periods of time in deep space. Instead, the ships would launch from a Starbase or other command post, fly to an area to fight, and then return. If they were used for patrols, their time on station was limited to a few months. Destroyers saw a lot of action in the war, leading to a number of Starfleet’s larger victories.

Following the war, the ships in this class were used for defense. They would be assigned to a planet or Starbase, or would act as escorts for colony convoys. Some ships were also used for border defense.

Anyway, the build so far is pretty easy, though time consuming. It’s a lot of box modeling and subdivision. I started yesterday and this is where I’m at now:





I meant to add the warp nacelles today, but I never made it that far. I started on the deflector housing, then I got started on paneling. After that, I added the RCS thrusters and impulse engines. So, it can move at sublight speeds. 😉


7 thoughts on “Romulan War Destroyer, Pt. 01

  1. Hey hey hey hey!! Thats that design that Madkoifish said that he sketched after looking at my Sparrow class!

    I suppose there is somewhat of a resemblance in the shape of the command hull, and how the deflector is right under the saucer hull.

    Good to see that she is already getting the modeling treatment! And it is a very good start!

      • Certainly! It would be my pleasure!

        The initial concept sketch:

        Her Falken sub-class variant:

        And my latest attempts thus far to bring her to life in Illustrator:
        Sparrow-class-Frigate-Side WIP
        She is my vision of a replacement for the Miranda class family of frigates.

        This is not the only design that I’ve sketched and worked on, so if you like what you see from those four, feel free to browse through my gallery when you get the chance.

      • Sweet, thanks for sharing. Man, I remember the days when I drew on ruled paper. (probably should have been doing school work on said paper, but that’s beside the point) Though, that was ages ago and I don’t remember any of my drawings being that good.

        I love the Miranda replacement idea. In a perfect world, that ship class would have needed a replacement and wouldn’t have seen the service it did. Unfortunately, practical matters required the re-use of the model on TNG.

        I looked at a lot of your concepts. You’ve got a lot of neat stuff. One standout for me is the Boeing 967. That’s freaking cool. 😀

      • As a someone who holds your work in high regard, your complement means a lot to me.

        Yeah, I would also sketch quite a bit, but I think that became especially prevalent in college. I don’t know why, I just felt the need to do something with my hands. I probably shouldn’t’ve done that, and sometimes notes and doodles would’ve appeared on the same pages.

        But I don’t think that anything that I’ve posted online thus far was sketched in any classes, and those that I did in class were no where as good anyways.

        The Boeing 967 came about as a result of a monthly contest on the Trek BBS, though I don’t quite recall what exactly the contest was for.

        If you’re interested, any further works that I do will be viewable on the Subspace Comms and Trek BBS, as well as my Flickr gallery.

        For the foreseeable future, I plan to publish any progress on the Sparrow class on about a monthly basis.

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