Klingon Ships On Patrol

This is something I put together months ago for… something. (never mind the details 😛 ) Anyway, I figured I’d release it publicly just for fun. Basically, it’s a recreation of the opening flyby of the Klingon ships in TMP, minus the V’Ger cloud. It showcases my Klingon D7 model and crappy animation ability. (or lack thereof) The camera turn was a huge pain to set up and never came out how I wanted it, so this is as good as it gets.


5 thoughts on “Klingon Ships On Patrol

    • That was the part of the camera turn I had issues with. I don’t know why it did that. I have the camera “follow” the bridge of the ship as it makes the turn. For the film, I’m sure they just comped in a moving starfield to get that effect, whereas my starfield is stationary and doesn’t move, so it’s technically more correct. Though, I’m still not happy with it as it doesn’t look like it does in the film.

  1. loved this pass of the cruisers. The Klingon cruisers in STTMP was one of my very favorite memories of the movie. The music and image quality is excelent.

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