Starfleet Scout, Pt. 06

The exterior of this beast is done, except for the name and registry number. I still have to figure out what I want to do there. I also have to add an interior and, of course, do the textures. A lot of the details are based on the Enterprise, especially the pilot versions.






3 thoughts on “Starfleet Scout, Pt. 06

    • Impulse color depends on which episode you’re watching. Originally, the impulse engine exhaust was dark, possibly black. A number of shots I found from the remastered episodes had dark engines. A shot I found from The Immunity Syndrome remastered shows a red glow. The Defiant in In a Mirror, Darkly had blue engines, possibly done to match the NX-01. My fleet all has red engines, so these match those. (though, I’ve done blue in the past)

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