Starfleet Scout, Pt. 04

OK, starting today off with a couple more corrections. It was pointed out to me by Harrold the Flying Sheep on my blog that the impulse exhausts were too close to the engineering section. Indeed, they were. The plasma exhaust probably would have cooked the hull plating over time. So, I’ve enlarged the cut-out for those and moved them over. Also, TALON_UK at Scifi-Meshes pointed out something that I was noticing a bit myself, that the torpedo tubes (left and right of the deflector) were kind of puny. So, I’ve enlarged them and they’re now twice their previous size. So, between those two issues and the window issue pointed out by Schimpfy at Scifi-Meshes, I’ve hopefully improved a few things. This is why I post work online. Good feedback can help you if you make mistakes or do something kind of iffy. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Starfleet Scout, Pt. 04

  1. Don’t know if this will make sense or not but, the exhaust tips/ends of the nacelles look a lot like cigarette filters. Just like the machine went and cut them off at an angle? Just wondering if they could get a bit more attention.
    Loving the rest of the ship!

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