Starfleet Scout, Pt. 02

It may not look like much, but I actually did quite a bit of work today. Unfortunately, I had to redo the engineering section again. Well, I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. The slope around the perimeter of the top was too low, making it harder to fit interiors in there. So, I made it less slopy and more rounded. And, since I was redoing the section, I did the shuttlebay cutout a bit differently, more like the one on the Enterprise. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing clamshell doors on this one due to the whole space issue.

Once I got all of that done, I added deck one. I was just going to do a little bridge module, but it looked stupid due to the width of the section underneath, so I decided to do a larger teardrop. Aside from the bridge, I figure there could be some other rooms and maybe some life support systems, or something up there.





I also did a render with a couple shuttles in the back cutout, so that you can see how much room there is back there. Note: Just because the cutout is that big doesn’t necessarily mean the bay is that large. If I build the bay, I’ll add interior walls and a bunch of other stuff that will make it a smaller space. This just basically shows that I can comfortably fit a couple shuttles in there. Also, if you can actually read the names or numbers on the shuttle, don’t worry about that. 😉



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