Starfleet Scout, Pt. 01

This is something I’ve been messing around with for a few days. Though, much of that was spent trying to decided what I wanted to do for the engineering section. What I had before was horrendous, so we won’t even go there.

Anyway, this is a small Starfleet Scout from around the TOS era. I’m thinking it’s from right around the time that the Enterprise was built, maybe a bit before. I want it to be in that time frame because the tech is obviously inspired by the Enterprise. Though, I didn’t do exactly the same bits as the Enterprise, I did my own stuff inspired by the Enterprise. Even though I often go and do my own thing, I’m resisting those urges and keeping this completely TOS looking in the details. That means no modeled grid lines, RCS thrusters, etc. (even thought the thrusters are really necessary for space travel.) But, I may do some simple phasers and torpedo launchers.

Once I got the basic vessel laid out, I set about detailing the nacelles. They’re all done now, I just have to work on the saucer and engineering section. I was going to model the pendants and whatnot, but I decided to just texture those. I already have some made up in Inkscape, I just have to modify them slightly to fit the nacelles. Anyway, this is where it is right now.






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