Starship Nautilus, Pt. 01

After a few months of doing stuff for others, (that I can’t show, of course) I’ve finally got some time to work on something for myself. ๐Ÿ˜€ So, I started a new ship. Or, more appropriately, I restarted a build from a couple years ago:

The ship I was building back then was a small support ship that was supposed to be from the movie era. Well, I’m building basically the same ship, except I rolled it back a few decades to the pre-TOS to TOS era. I’ve also modified the design slightly, but not much. I nixed one of the decks on the saucer edge to give the ship less of a “thick” look. Also, I never liked the teardrop-like structure I did back then, so I did a new one based off of Sean Tourangeau’s teardrop design for the USS Ares from Star Trek: Axanar. I also added a central raised section to the saucer to give the ship a bit more internal mass and to give the warp nacelle pylons something to attach to.

Other than that, it’s mainly the same, aside from the modifications needed to make it an older era ship. Of course, this is a completely new model, made necessary by the fact that my old one was being built in TrueSpace and I use Lightwave now. ๐Ÿ™‚





Length: 214 meters
Width: 96 meters
Height: 58.35 meters
9-10 decks
Crew: 60 or so

Basically, I’ve got the main structures in so far. All that’s left to do are details. I’m not going to go for a “true TOS” look, I’ll be adding modeled grid lines, weapons and RCS thrusters. (A reaction control system is necessary for maneuvering in little to no atmosphere.) Otherwise, the details will pretty much be TOS style.

Once I get this one done, I have plans to do one or two variations.


4 thoughts on “Starship Nautilus, Pt. 01

  1. I love the upside down, saucer underneath look. I doodled something similar with SketchUp a few years ago…I’m insanely jealous of your modeling prowess…I have a ton of ideas that will never look polished, professional, or in-canon like yours. Enough rambling–you rock. I love getting email alerts that you’ve made a new post. Thanks for listening!

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