Art Theft

Let me make one thing abundantly clear. When I post images of ships that I made, they are mine. I make the ships, I make the textures, I make the backgrounds, I make the images. You do nothing. Therefore, you have absolutely no rights to alter them and re-post them.

A while back, a friend of mine alerted me to a blog post that contained one of my images, but some jackass had removed my credits line from the bottom of the image. And, just now, I was searching on Google Images and I found a render I did several years ago, but some asshat had not only copied part of the starfield and pasted it over my credits, they added their own like they made the image. Well, they didn’t. This is art theft, and it will not be tolerated.

If this continues being an issue, I’ll take this whole blog down.


13 thoughts on “Art Theft

  1. I run quite a few blogs and I actively police when someone uses a render on the site without attribution. Even if they claim to have done it, I won’t allow it without an on-image or captioned attribution. The last thing we want to do is not give proper credit.

    It pisses me off to no end when people think that images on the internet are public domain.

  2. Sorry to hear that, man. You put all that time and energy into it and some douche send a couple minutes clicking and cloning and passes it off as theirs. Seriously not cool.

  3. Agreed. I take special care to attribute credits to the person via image caption and his blog [via site credits] … Unless my google searches are unable to find the author. Did u try talking to the person who did this?

  4. Hello Chris,

    Sorry to hear it man. We’ve all had something like this go on with our work at some point or other. Forbidden Planet (UK) once used one of my images on their website and gave credit to Paramount Pictures! They didn’t even acknowledge me.

    So, if you can, demand that the image(s) be pulled.


  5. Thanks for the support, everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t know where either of those images came from. The first one was posted on a blog, and the blogger found it through Google image search. The blogger did credit me after I said something about it. The second image was posted secondhand on a forum, and I wasn’t joining to ask where the person got it from. Besides, the answer probably would have been the same. Though I like it, that’s the problem with Google image searches and similar tools. You can find and download images without going to the source page.

  6. Damn that does suck that someone would do that. I would not blame u if u did. But I would miss seeing the awesome work you do. Dave

  7. Don’t feel bad Chris, I try to my very best to find the authors of the images I use. But very often they come from websites like spacehdwallpapers and I, as a rule try to see if deviantart has the same images but if they do not … I attribute it to as unknown.

    I know its a sucky solution but what can a fan do when he has no recourse. I often just wish that the artist in question would stumble on my site and mail me.

    P.S: Is there a way to find the author of HD wallpapers on the internet? Curiously, they are never credited on the site even though the images are available on the site in every imaginable size. Should the website be credited in the author’s steed? [I always imagined the website to only host the image and not actually own it because of which I never credited the site]

    • Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but these are totally different circumstances. I put credits on all of my images specifically for this reason. The one condition for use is that people don’t alter them. They can post my images with the credits on them anywhere. Indeed, I’ve found some of my images with the credits intact on sites over the years. However, these assholes are removing my credits. That’s not kosher. That’s so frakking wrong on so many levels.

      As for tracking down artists of works that have no credits? The best thing you can do is hit the CGI forums and hope somebody recognizes it. Otherwise, it’s damn near impossible. Hell, it’s about impossible to track down these thieves for that same reason. The world wide web is a huge place. If you know the website where you got the image, you could try contacting the webmaster and see if they know. Otherwise, I’ve seen people credit sites for both images and models they’ve used because they didn’t know who the authors were. This is why I put credits on my images.

  8. I’d really hate to see you take down all of your work, which is all fantastic by the way, because of some no talented asshole who cares about no one but himself, and who only cares to grab recognition that he or she doesn’t even deserve.

    I really hope that it doesn’t come to this, and I hope that you give the offender a piece of your mind first, and if it comes to it, tell him that his own stupid selfishness has ruined a lot of fun for everyone.

    I’ve never had this happen to me, and being a public hobby artist newbie, it will probably be quite some time before someone sees fit to steal my work. I’d imagine I’d track down the bastard, and yell, rant, scream, and give the offender a piece of my mind, and keep harassing him until he takes it down.

    Boy, does it make me steamed, when people take down their work, because one or two people steal their art!

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