Mars attacks SNG Trailer!

Some people may remember the flying saucer I built for Steve Neill for his “Mars Attacks SNG” project. Well, here’s what he’s done with it for the trailer for his upcoming film. 🙂

Yes i know we left the R out of strange. After working on the trailer all day Mary and I looked at it over and over and never caught it until one fan did. this was of course after it had been posted all over the net and to all our websites and social network sights. Making it a virtual pain in the behind to fix and replace.  Gives it character and we won’t be doing this on the actual film which we will be beginning in two weeks.

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Mars attacks SNG Trailer!

    • I love Steve’s shocked expression when he sees the alien at the end. 😀

      It’s definitely very B-movie-ish, but that’s the idea here. Besides, who doesn’t love B-movies?

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