TMP Era Ships, Pt. 01

I’m working on some canon TMP era ships for a project to which I’m attached. We need a bunch of ships, basically everything that might have existed during the 2270s on Star Trek. I’m doing a Constitution refit class, Miranda class, Oberth class, Soyuz class and a Constellation class. Since I’ve got so many to do, there will be some kitbashing involved. I started by building a TMP era nacelle based schematics for the Constitution refit and Miranda. Since neither ship’s schematics have a clear view of the nacelle from all angles, I combined them to get a complete look at the thing. I’ll then use said nacelle for the Constitution, Miranda and Constellation. I know, there are slight variations, but not enough to justify building three nearly identical nacelles, so I’ll just be making minor modifications for the different classes.





The nacelle is close enough to being accurate. For one thing, 100% accuracy is hard to achieve, especially when certain things on the best schematics I could find don’t fit the photos I have of the thing and I don’t have photos of every bit of the nacelle. So, there are some variations, as you always get when people do models. But, it’s close enough and I have a lot more work to do.

Up first on the “to build” list is the Constellation-class, because we actually need two of those, so building one and doing two sets of markings gets me two ships. Plus, I started on one a few months back. Unfortunately, my nacelles for that had way too high of a polygon count. The four nacelles and pylons without full details were well over 300,000 polygons. That’s OK for me, but not for animation. So, I’m using my Connie refit/Miranda nacelle with some minor changes. I know, the shapes are slightly different, but it’s close enough. Besides, I think it looks OK and I’m usually the nitpicky one when it comes to this class. I added my horizontal pylon and details I’d made previously, but the vertical pylon and refit torpedo launcher structure (that doesn’t actually have launchers on the studio model) had to go. They were too high poly and there was something funky going on that I never noticed on part of the torpedo launcher thing. So, I redid that and, all together, all four engines and the pylons fully detailed have less polygons than just the top engines and pylons not fully detailed on my older WIP.

Aside from that, I was also able to salvage my primary hull I’d been building and I started working on that some more today by adding grid lines, windows and shuttlebay doors. (most of the tedious and time consuming bits) So, here’s where she stands right now:







I’ve got about 20 hours of modeling time into this project right now, not counting what I did previously on the horizontal pylons and main hull of the Constellation class.


2 thoughts on “TMP Era Ships, Pt. 01

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, I like all of the designs that they want done. So, bonus. 😀 I even like the Soyuz-class, though that will be the biggest challenge as there are very few references. Since they only had those parts on the Miranda class model for that one episode, there aren’t very many photos.

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