Romulan Bird of Prey, Pt. 03

It was pointed out to me that the Bird of Prey in Balance of Terror (and The Deadly Years, thanks to stock footage) was a new ship. This was said in the Balance of Terror dialog. The ship was sent on a covert mission into Federation space, so it may not have been fully painted when it left its dock. Also, there’s a good possibility that later ships in the class may have had more markings. So, aside from the Balance of Terror version, I also did one with more markings.





I also added some impulse engines to the back. Yes, I know Scotty said in Balance of Terror: “Their power is simple impulse,” but that doesn’t mean the ship doesn’t have warp drive. In fact, it couldn’t make it from Romulus to the Federation border without warp drive. (it would take centuries) Also, in a scene cut from the episode, Cdr. Hansen of Earth Outpost 4 apparently commented on the Romulan ship’s similarities to a (Federation) Starship. He apparently went on to say that the Romulans must have had spies in the Federation to steal Starship secrets. So, it stands to reason that the things on the end of the wings that look like warp nacelles are in fact warp nacelles. Scotty may have meant the ship was flying at impulse, probably necessary to maintain its cloak. So, I put some simple impulse engines in the back, where a lot of people put them.


2 thoughts on “Romulan Bird of Prey, Pt. 03

  1. Excellent work (again). Yes, it had to have warp or some type of FTL for sure. One would assume they had something when they fought the war. Adding the impulse engines makes sense too. Did not know about the deleted scene but makes the whole racial subtext of the episode make more sense. Too bad they left it out.

    They only problem I have had with the ship (not your model) is it seems too big. The scenes in the warbird were cramped and sub like (given it was a take on ‘Enemy Below’). I always imagined it smaller with much of it’s space taken by then cloak and weapons technology.

    • Thanks bro. 🙂

      I only found out about that deleted scene recently, when I was researching the model on Memory Alpha. I always do that when I’m building canon stuff, both to find pictures and to learn fun facts. It definitely makes Stiles’ comment about Romulan spies aboard the Enterprise not seem so out of the blue. I’m assuming the scene was cut for time.

      I agree, the ship should maybe be a bit smaller. The ’70s plans have it at under 100 meters. I don’t even know where people got the 131 meter length from, unless they think the things around the saucer perimeter are rows of windows. I don’t believe they are, though, because I have a couple great shots of the original model’s front section and they’re built just like the glowing bits on top that people believe are sensors. Taking that into account, I may scale the ship down. After all, the Klingon Bird of Prey from the movie era (which started out as a Romulan ship) is barely over 100 meters.

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