Romulan Bird of Prey, Pt. 02

I gave it the bird. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😛 )





The bird was a lot of fun. As usual, I used Inkscape for that. (wonderful software) I don’t even know why anybody would pay for vector graphics software, unless their workplace demanded some overpriced software like Corel Draw. Inkscape does just as good. The rest of the ship has a basic gray color and some weathering. I know, some people put the feather-like patterns on the back top of the wings, the back top of the raised section up top and the back of the fins, but I have two clear images and one grainy one from when the model was at Desilu back in the day that say none of that was there. That’s something they added for the AMT kit and a lot of people like to add it to their models. But, that kit has a lot of issues, probably because the original model was destroyed and they couldn’t use it. Though, I don’t know how they managed to get the color of the bird so terribly wrong, when the color can clearly be seen in Balance of Terror. Black and White TVs maybe? But, I digress. The colors I have are based on Masao Okazaki’s colors, because they’re close enough. (Certainly better than what AMT did 😛 )

Anywho, that does it for this model. For those who care, a little over 50k on the polygon count. 🙂


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