Never Been This Close…

I had a fun thought earlier, to take my recently completed D7 model and my Enterprise and recreate the famous shot from Star Trek VI where Krosos One and Enterprise are flying side by side. (more or less, Kronos One is out front, probably due to the fact that it’s carrying the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire) I got the ships, camera and main light as close as I could to the shot from the movie. However, I had to do something about the lighting. The dark parts of the models in the film have a large amount of ambient light hitting them, which there shouldn’t even be in space. Sure, most of us lighten out stuff more than it would be in real life, Star Treks 3, 4, 5 and 6 all had way too much ambient light in deep space. It’s just not realistic. So, I added a nebulous cloud-thing (technical term 😉 ) that I created for this image to the background, justifying the addition of a few dome lights to add some nice even hues to the darker parts of the ship. (and, yes, I used a wee bit of ambient light also) Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out.



3 thoughts on “Never Been This Close…

  1. Thanks Ger and Eric. You guys rock. 😎

    @Eric: I’d love to sometime do the V’Ger battle from TMP with the D7. Then it will look more like it would have if they’d made “In Thy Image,” the pilot episode for Phase II, as opposed to TMP. They had D7s all ready to go for that, including some that ‘sploded, but then they went and made TMP.

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