More Battlecruiser Beauty Shots

Here’s the second texture variation I talked about doing. I added some K’t’inga style paneling to the ship, but none of the greebles that they stuck all over the K’t’inga. This ship could be considered a step between the D7 and the K’t’inga. (or simply a D7 variant)








2 thoughts on “More Battlecruiser Beauty Shots

    • Wow, thanks a lot, Ger. That means a lot. šŸ™‚

      I spent hours upon hours laying out those lines in Inkscape for the bump map and, even as I did it, I wasn’t sure how the end result would be. I was up until after 4 AM the night I did the upper wings because I wasn’t stopping until I saw how it looked on the ship. (then I made a few adjustments the next day) Plus, I had to unwrap the lower part of the head, which you know can be a nightmare in Lightwave. Though, I got lucky and the plg make uv plugin actually gave me a nice, straight map that I could lay out the panels over and it worked. šŸ™‚ So, seeing a nice compliment like that certainly makes all of that work seem worth it.

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