Battlecruiser Beauty Shots

The textures on the “stock” D7 are done. I wanted to do at least one that looks like the ship did (or should have) on the show. Unfortunately, the old studio lights and TV cameras really washed out the two-toned light green and gray paint job, making it look like it was light blue gray. (similar to what happened to the light blue tones on the Enterprise-D) Then, on the AMT model box art and TAS, they also had them looking light blue-gray, but this is how it should have looked. Since I didn’t have any good screen shots showing the colors, I used a picture of a second D7 they pulled from the original molds and (presumably) painted just like the one used on the series. Since it was a photo and lighting causes color variations, I tried to get as close to the original paint as I could. It’s close, but I will never know exactly what the color was without somebody who was there telling me. And, they might not even know, as the paint was likely mixed by hand 47 years ago. Also, different pictures had differences in what was green and what was gray, especially with the head details, so I did what looked right to me. The Klingon emblem and writing were done using Matt Jefferies’ original drawings of the markings, so those are accurate. Though, like the ship, the colors are as close as I could get them. (I guesstimated on those) Also, I eyeballed the placement (close enough.)

Anywho, here’s how she looks in what is my approximation of the original paint scheme and some weathering:







If I had to choose a Star Trek ship to be my second favorite after the TOS E, this would be it. I absolutely love this design and I’m glad I finally figured out how to build one. Of course, I took some liberties like adding an impulse glow and some running lights, but I’ve seen some bumps on that second molded ship I was talking about that looked like they could indicate running lights, so I put them where those were. Now that I have this version done, I’m going to do one with some raised wing-pattern markings, much like what Greg Jein did for his IKS Gr’oth model for the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-Ations and the team at CBS digital did for the “remastered” version of The Trouble with Tribbles.


8 thoughts on “Battlecruiser Beauty Shots

    • Thanks Greg. Yeah, unfortunately, it took over two seasons for the Klingons to get a ship that wasn’t a blob. (though, since they were originally supposed to be an enemy of the week, that’s understandable) It was only seen in three episodes and, ironically, the first one they aired had it as a Romulan ship, even though that was the last of the three they produced. They were, of course, used in the animated series, but they were drawn slightly differently. If they’d done Star Trek: Phase II back in the ’70s, they were going to use the D7 design. In fact, the K’t’inga was born from adding details to the big D7 built for the pilot (for the V’Ger fight) when they changed to making TMP and realized the D7 didn’t have enough details for the big screen.

      • They had to add detail for TMP. The D7 didn’t have enough details for the big screen. All of their test shots made it look crappy. So, they started by adding raised details all over the hull. When that wasn’t enough, they added a bunch of greebles and whatnot. It was a process that took several months, but the results are badass. Though, in a way, what wound up happening was all of that added detail obscured the wonderful lines that Matt Jefferies designed for the ship.

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