Federation Scout, Pt. 10

I worked on a mixed bag of things today. I started on some signage for the ship. I realized that a 4-digit registry number is too low for what I have in mind for this ship, so I gave it a 5-digit number. This is a later ship in the class, not one that was built right after it was designed. Also, I’ve decided this ship is the USS Oberon, a Europa-class starship. Like the Luna-class, I figure all of the ships in this class are named after moons in the Sol system. In fact, since Europa and Oberon are names of Luna-class ships, it’s possible that at least some ships of this class were succeeded by Luna-class ships.

Aside from the name, I also added some pendants to the upper part of the nacelles. I had a pendant done for the underside, but I apparently deleted it and I can’t get it back, so I’ll have to redo that one. I was messing with the RCS thrusters and that must have been when I did that. I haven’t decided where on the nacelles I’m going to add the ship’s registry, though I’m leaning towards the middle of the pendant, like they did on the original Enterprise, the Defiant and Voyager. (and some of the background ships from First Contact) I also added some vents to the warp pylons and added the impulse engines. I was going to have the impulse engines be sunken into the saucer back, but then I realized that there are windows there and that won’t work, so I stuck them onto the back.





Then I got a bit sidetracked and started this:


I have all of the pertinent information on there, I just have to add some names. I haven’t decided whose names I’ll add, besides Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett (naturally) and myself.


4 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 10

  1. This is a very clean design – outstanding job. The texture application is always such a chore.

    I really appreciate the thought that went into the class and naming designations.

    • Thanks bro. You have no idea how long I spent on Wikipedia and Memory Alpha deciding on a name. I don’t generally like to use names that have been used in the time frame in which I’m designing the ship, so I always check to see what has been done on canon Trek. I don’t worry as much about the expanded universe. If I did, I’d never get anything named. šŸ˜‰

      No textures yet. Everything is modeled. The signage is 1mm above the hull. I did a ship for a project I am/was attached to (it’s kind of in limbo) last year and I stenciled all of that stuff into the hull. Never again. The stenciling wasn’t an issue. Removing it to rename the ship is.

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